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The Arc Of Healing:

Discover The Essential Keys To Healing From Trauma 

How To Understand Your Trauma Responses & Release Your Innate Ability To Heal…
 A Revolutionary New IFS-Informed Approach

From the desk of Dr. Frank Anderson, globally-recognized trauma therapy expert and author of Transcending Trauma

If you’d like to discover the critical healing principles to release trauma - or better support those who’ve been through severe life experiences, this letter will show you how.

Trauma is a widespread, often debilitating problem that has profound and lasting effects.

This is made worse by the impacts of traumatic experiences on our minds and our physiology - which ultimately block us from the love and connection needed to heal.

But now there’s good news:

A new way to think about healing from a traumatic experience…one you’ll read about today.

Instead of burying pain in stubborn symptoms like: 

  • Drinking
  • Binge eating
  • Cutting
  • Anger, fear, and social anxiety
  • Insomnia

Starting today you can take control of your own healing journey, understand why these painful habits might actually be trying to help you…



Unlock The Healing Power Inside Of You

Hi, I’m Dr. Frank Anderson.

For the past three decades, I’ve been honing my craft as a globally recognized specialist in the treatment and neuroscience of trauma.

My best-selling book Transcending Trauma has been widely acknowledged by my peers as one of the most important on the subject.

Today, I’d like to share a straightforward and effective blueprint for struggling individuals I’ve used in my own life - and in my clinical practice.

One that helps you navigate the intricacies of healing with a new light of understanding.

I’ve put this into a 3-part video course I call…

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The Arc Of Healing

It reveals the critical steps to heal from trauma, without getting stuck in long therapies, or feeling you need to do everything perfectly.


These potentially life-changing ideas and insights can be used by…

  • Trauma survivors who want to take ownership of their healing journey
  • Family members looking for best way to help their loved ones heal
  • Coaches and Therapists seeking new methods (and inspiration) to uplift the people they work with, and assist recovery


We all have different inner powers; and believing in your own can take you to places of peace you didn’t think were possible…


This simple course guides the way.


At no point will you be expected to “relive” traumatic events.


Instead, you’ll discover how to gain release in the healing journey, while minimizing the risk of becoming overwhelmed or traumatized.


To help you decide if it’s for you…


Here’s A Sample Of Topics Covered In

The Arc Of Healing

Session 1: Working with Protective Parts 

Here, you’ll begin to understand and build a foundation for healing from trauma. This begins with insight into the parts of self that play a crucial role in shielding us from distress.

You’ll discover why each of your trauma responses has a positive intention. And cultivate a compassionate stance towards all distressing symptoms as you progress on your healing journey.


Topics include:

  • The 3-part Arc Of Healing that distills the journey from trauma to peace (Your healing process doesn’t have to remain a question mark!)
  • Little-known ways to access love, compassion, and inner wisdom (Your potent allies in healing from traumatic experiences without becoming retraumatized)
  • Breakthrough concepts from the neurobiology of trauma (And its practical applications, so you can access new, transformative pathways)
  • What most therapies get WRONG about trauma healing (This is at least partly a cultural problem - but a detriment to recovery)
  • And MUCH more!




Session 2: Discover the Healing Power of Self Energy

In our second session, you’ll get to know the inherent wisdom and healing capacity of what IFS calls Self Energy. Unlock new resources on your path to freeing the mind and body from the effects of traumatic experiences.

You’ll discover:

  • How to tap into the wellspring of healing energy hidden within you (And foster the resilience needed on the road to recovery)
  • Therapists and coaches: how identify Self energy in your clients (While helping your own wounded parts relax, so you can be more present and grounded)
  • The 8 C’s of IFS self energy and how they create a foundation for internal harmony (Without overwhelming or plainly generic self-help advice)
  • What to do when a person is activated, numb, or wounds are present (How to calmly navigate the storm without sinking the ship)
  • And much, much more!


Session 3: Release Painful Experiences

The third session focuses on the art of letting go. This is the critical final step of the healing journey. Recovering from trauma can be a complex process for many people. Here, we'll talk about what it means to have a “corrective experience”, and how to support it.


Topics include:

  • The 3 steps to letting go of overwhelming life experiences (Without years of unproductive interventions and therapies)
  • Alternate ways of accessing healing, like the spiritual or psychedelics (MDMA-assisted therapy, for example, has shown promising results in PTSD)
  • Therapists and coaches: how to support the release of trauma (Plus, key decision-making insights on when it makes sense to treat…and when to transfer)
  • The truth about negative energies and how to clear them (HINT: Viewed correctly, these are opportunities to accelerate healing)
  • And so much more!


Okay, that’s a TASTE of what’s in The Arc Of Healing Course.


There are 3, 60-minute videos in all.


And each one guides you on your healing journey, helping you to understand your trauma responses, become a better self-supporter (which leads to PROFOUND healing), and everything in between.


(Including how to gently guide others on their journey of healing.)

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The workshop is designed to be straightforward, actionable, and practical…


That said, every case is unique; this is your chance to interact with me live, so you have the opportunity to make the most out of the workshop.


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The Arc of Healing

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