Resilience & Forgiveness


Join Frank Anderson MD, a lead trainer for the IFS Institute and author of Transcending Trauma and The Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual, for a 60-minute discussion on "Resilience and Forgiveness."



  • Can the person form meaningful connections?
  • Can they tolerate uncertainty?
  • Can they be with difficult emotions?
  • Are they capable or willing to learn from their difficult moments?
  • Do they see or value others outside of themselves?
  • Can they acknowledge their own vulnerability?


  • Heal the wound first.
  • Forgiveness is often suggested prematurely.
  • Forgiveness is about the person holding the pain, not about the perpetrator.
  • Forgiveness after releasing trauma.
  • Untethered and unaffected
  • Able to hold complexities
  • True acceptance
  • Freedom

Resilience & Forgiveness


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